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Our 10, 50, 200 & 350 Litre Modular Stills


For development and experiment we use our 10 or 50 litre still which is a scaled down replica of our 200 litre still.


For larger batches we use our 200 and 350 litre modular stills which we can use in many different configurations.


With all of our stills we can fine tune distillations using a mixture of traditional and modern techniques. We pride ourselves on being experimental and innovative. 

We have a bonded warehouse for the storage of spirits in duty suspension.

Lewis, our distiller, will work with you on a one-to-one basis to help you create any recipe. He can develop your product on our small still, which can then be scaled up accurately to our larger still.

We can offer you use of our tasting room for launching or promoting your product which has viewing windows down onto our production area.

We can offer a turnkey solution for your product from concept to packaged product. We can match you up with suppliers of bottles, labels, and any other packaging requirements.

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